aradhana 'roop tera mastana'

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  1. intil_man

    intil_man New Member

    REQ aradhana 'roop tera mastana'

    hi folks! m new here. could ne of u get me the tabs+chords for 'roop tera mastana'
    thanx a lot.
  2. Taj

    Taj New Member

    REQ before making a request !!!!
  3. lalbamboo

    lalbamboo New Member

    Hi the song a simple progression of Abminor, F# major and Eb major and B major and C# minor,

    Just try the above diminishing sequence it should work.
  4. can u send it in the form

    as am still an amateur thnx
  5. MARS

    MARS Mars Ji...Finally!!!!!

    Hey man ,...
    u seems to be on a posting spree...

    There are many songs on the forum in the form that u want..

    also they are easy to play for the papa kehte hain...main koi aisa geet gaoon..etc..

    Try them na..

  6. hey already tried them n am looking for new one how do u play in theF major n others
    am still learning so any helping hand will be most welcomed.
    thnx buddy

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