Anyone want any marathi song chords

Discussion in 'Marathi Guitar Tabs - Submit or Request' started by saurabhguitar, Dec 24, 2010.

  1. saurabhguitar

    saurabhguitar Member

    Pls anyone ask me about any marathi song chords....i will try it...and pls provide full details of that particular song...
  2. gk123

    gk123 Member


    Yes Friend!

    Time is come, you need to take pain to keep this thread live, I know you wan't disappoint any body! I appreciate you in all the way on this Marathi Guitar Tab
  3. microeye

    microeye New Member

    Hello Sir,
    Mala khalil ganyachya chords havya aahet:
    Ti pari asmanichi (NAtak:Eka Laganachi Gost)

    Dhanyawad! :)
  4. alankarrock

    alankarrock New Member

    te song che LINK DE NAA..mala ha song nahi bhetat aahe ?
  5. pinki2000

    pinki2000 New Member

    plz do it if it is possible and i am much awaited of it
  6. sDEVs

    sDEVs Inventor

    Hridayanath Mangeshkar: "Ti geli tewah rhim zhim paus ninadat hota" NIVDUNG

  7. prashGmaj

    prashGmaj New Member

    Songs from kshanbhar vishranti. .
  8. sDEVs

    sDEVs Inventor

    Nivdung che kay zhale dada?
  9. nik.pick28

    nik.pick28 New Member

    Kadhi Tu...Mumbai Pune Mumbai

    pls try to get intro tabs and chords for this song...

    Kadhi Tu from movie Mumbai Pune Mumbai..Thanx in advance
  10. D_Jai

    D_Jai New Member

    Please I want the chords or tabs of Kadhi Tu - Mumbai Pune Mumbai!
    I have the same need like nik.pick28!
    Please Saurabh Bro try to give me those as soon as possible!
    Also, post strumming pattern if you can!
    Like, "DD UU D"
    D: Down, U: Up
  11. nik.pick28

    nik.pick28 New Member

    Can anyone also post tabs for this song...
    "Tujhyach Avdhoot Gupte.."

    Its really such a beautiful song....!!
    pls some1 try to get tabs as soon as possible...
    THANK YOU!!!
  12. nik.pick28

    nik.pick28 New Member

    Hey i tried intro tabs..
    they are quite like this....


    dont know about chords..
  13. swapy4in

    swapy4in New Member

    Dur desi gela Baba - Chords Please

    Hi Saurabh,

    Can you post me the chords for this song ... that would be very helpful.

  14. sDEVs

    sDEVs Inventor

  15. D_Jai

    D_Jai New Member

    Nick Bro, Please try these leads on higher frets! I mean Fret numbers 7 8 9 10! This will give better effect! Just rearrange the leads there! I have got correct leads! I will post them as soon as possible!
  16. shrijeet

    shrijeet New Member

    can u plzz get the tabs for the music played in the movie harishchandrachi factory....
  17. ndabhade

    ndabhade New Member

    Ha guitar cha forum aahe yaachi kalpana aahe.
    mi mazya lahaan mulisaathi marathi baalgeetanchya ( naach re mora, bholanath etc) piano/keyboard notes shodhato aahe ka?
    Kripaya, kunas kaahi maahitee aahe ka
  18. amitm

    amitm New Member

    Can u give me chords/leads for song "Nastes Ghari Tu Jenva Jiv tuta tuta hoto"(Salil-sanddep)
  19. prasenajita

    prasenajita New Member

    i want guitar tab and chords for a marathi song : hi awakhal dekhani from
    movie bandh premache ,music:ajay-atul, singar:ajay gogavale.
    its a very romantic song and i hope when u listen u will love the song.

    please post it as soon as possible.

    thank you
  20. ajaykewale

    ajaykewale New Member

    Please post the chords for ha Chandra tuzya sathi by swapnil bandodkar

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