Anyone know these unknown song name chord?

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  1. guitarist_bd

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    hey i am looking for a song chord. but i dont know that song title or name of artist. it was the track 11 of variation no25.2 album. i think its great lovly romantic song.i can say some line of this song"rat kate nirghum,ami nischup nisho vebe jai,valobashi tumay atota...." if anyone get this song and figure th chord plz share..
  2. Devil's_Own

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    Probably it is "Mukto Hawa" by Labony (feat. Shomey). Is it?
  3. myshihab

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    Its called tomake vebe likha..... Its a cool composition of Fuad, and its sang by Shanto....

    The song is mainly based on Em-D-C-D....

    And the chorus has some variation......

    I attached the Intro...

    Try It...

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