Anyone in chennai?

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by akashiyer, Mar 11, 2011.

  1. akashiyer

    akashiyer New Member

    Hey people im akash from chennai. looking forward to learning a lot. Anyone here from chennai? lets JAM :D
  2. Dr.Henry

    Dr.Henry New Member

    Learning from a good teacher is a must but what is more important is to exchange ideas and share the little tricks one learns in playing music. So do create time to share ideas at 'Music Unplugged". You are all invited to the 4th session of Music Unplugged @ 'The Corner Stone Hall' No.39, Besant Avenue, Adyar, Chennai - 600 020. (Ph. 9841049132) on 2nd April 2011 starting from 2pm to 8.30pm. Its Free for now and open to all musicians. We are providing as usual 3 acoustic electric guitars with amps, electric piano, 4 mikes, mixer and house PA. We also provide a DVD player for karaoke users. The genre of music is christian gospel, Hindi retro, unplugged fusion or world music, classical, country, jazz, unplugged rock and others but heavy metal/hard rock. You can bring your own instruments along if you prefer. The a/c facility can accommodate 100 people.
    But there is a catch in that the facility is for musicians who can perform 'somewhat!'. Do drop in and check out the facility. Tnx. Dr. Henry (
  3. manoj7252

    manoj7252 New Member

    hi dude.! am manoj from chennai. how long you are with guitars..?
  4. trackadi

    trackadi New Member

    Hello everyone...i m from a beginner with guitars...i want to buy a beginner acoustic guitar...i went to saptswara musicals,laxman shruthi and yamaha music square...but i am not able to decide which guitar to per the reviews on the internet i am thinking to buy a yamaha f-310...every shop has the same price tag of 6900...
    also in saptswara i saw some pluto and gb&a guitars in the range of 3500 to confused wheather to go for yamaha or a cheaper one like pluto...
    also can i bargain on the yamaha price tag???
    what is the reputation of saptswara musicals in terms of genuiness of their products and their prices???
    All your suggestions are welcome...Please help...
    Thanks in advance
  5. abhijeet007

    abhijeet007 New Member

    anyone to jam with hindi and english songs.. I stay in velacherry... please contact at 9094036700
  6. manoj7252

    manoj7252 New Member

    New arrivals in acoustic guitars named havana (only jumbo pattern), Clayton. I had a review in that its good too. The strings with clayton sounds like anything. its pretty good too. Now I own a Pluto guitar which is standard and cheap for beginning level. I prefer u to go for Pluto rather than Yamaha. U cud enjoy with Yamaha only with the guitar priced more than 14,000/-
  7. Dhruv Partha

    Dhruv Partha New Member

    As you are beginner you may be confused. i had the same feeling the first time i went to saptaswara misicals i advise you to get Pluto jumbo as it is ideal for beginners. I bought it and i have no regrets.... :)
  8. karthikveturi

    karthikveturi New Member


    i'm in chennai. lead guitarist. influences in metal. slayer pantera megadeth.

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