anybody needs:Fernandez necks and Ibanez body???

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by daviosmatt, Apr 29, 2007.

  1. daviosmatt

    daviosmatt New Member

    I m selling 2 fernandes neck and a Ibanez flame maple body H-S-H setup for a friend. He got it to to do project, but cant carry because of some personal reasons. I am helping him to sell them off. Interested parties please email me at me Thanks a lot!!! :)

    1) Fernandes FGZ neck for strat. MIJ

    Condition is about 9/10. Very newish...fret life is good. looks like brand new to me. No dead frets according to previous owner. heel width 2.1/4 inch. Truss rod is working, no rust. 22frets. Selling it for Rp4600 free Shipping

    2) Fernandes sustainer locking nut neck for strat. MIJ

    Condition is about 8/10. fret life is the other neck. No dead frets according to previous owner. heel width 2.1/4 inch. Truss rod is working, no rust. 24frets, it doesn't have the locking nut though. There's a small paint chip off at the headstock. Rp4600

    3) Ibanez Flame Maple body. I am not into ibanez so I m not very sure of the model. my friend is not very sure of the model, he told me that its one of the ibanez RG models. H-S-H setup Condition 7.5/10. Some minor chip off and pick scrathes. The flame maple looks very nice...Selling for Rp4900

    If i have extra cash, I would had bought it from my friend and fixed it up. Fernandes produce very good strats and I had use them before. Love it a lot. Most of all, its mij...all you need is get some parts and pickups you will be ready to rock! Interested part please email me to discuss.
  2. tallkien

    tallkien DIY GURU

    hey davios,

    I'm in need of a 22 fret neck. That Fernandes looks like it might fit the bill. Can you post a few better pics (closer up). I might just take that, but I'd like to know what happened to the guitar it was attached to and why is he selling it (dismembered guitars get me very worried)

    be advised that neck needs to be 25.5" scale

  3. daviosmatt

    daviosmatt New Member

    its 25.5 scale....He got it from ebay the other time. The owner choose to sell it in parts instead of as a whole guitar. somehow help him to sell faster and earn more money. Need not worry...its really in good condition. I will take more photos and post up soon. :)
  4. tallkien

    tallkien DIY GURU

    ok, looking forward to those pics

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