any violin lovers out here?

Discussion in 'Misc Musical Instruments' started by nabzy, Aug 17, 2006.

  1. nabzy

    nabzy New Member

    Heya all!
    just wondering if there are any violinists out here...i've been playing for about 15 years and absolutely looooove the instrument...i love my guitar but the violin just tops it in everything! so...what are ur fave hindi pieces wid violin in them? and...if u've written out the violin part for any song...please send em over! i'd love to play new things...lolz..

    :beer: cheers to the king of instruments...
  2. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    Yes. I am.
  3. steelstrings

    steelstrings New Member

    hello nabzy.. I love all the music instruments..
    violin is an instrument with which u can make ppl cry, jump laugh and what not.
    even though I play guitar and keyboard.. I always admire ppl who play violin coz its the most difficult instrument to learn as far as I know. Can u please record the violin piece from Mohabbatein and post it. I love it and also anything from the cupboard of "Dr.vaidyanathan" the great.
  4. himika9

    himika9 !!!WANNA B ROCKSTAR!!!

    hey if u can do a cover of "aa bhi jaa" from the movie sur
    :) that song sounds great in violin
  5. nabzy

    nabzy New Member

    Hey Himika and steelstrings! I totally agree that the violin can portray all kinds of emotions..aahh..its second u can be playing something so sad and then all of a sudden change it around and play something full of joy.. i've played both the mohabbatein theme (that's definitely one of my faves...) and the aa bhi jaa violin part...and will deffo record them and post em as soon as i have time...another one that i really like is the short violin piece at the beginning of hum dil de chuke sanam...i think ismail darbar is also a he knows what notes a violin shines
  6. g0g0l

    g0g0l ! SpAm

  7. taxyse

    taxyse t3h.

    well i've just started learnin the violin ...its been just over a month now...abhee toh jus tryin to get in the mood...!!
    to be frank ..i dont seriously like the instru...its good but not that good...
    and ,maybe becuz i am already a guitarist,i dont find violin to be hard at all...the fretboard's so small,u dont need much of muscle building...u dun even have to worry bout the 'pickin' as much as u have to do on the guitar...
    jus that u have to play everythin through the ear...(cuz of no frets)..which i think is more about ur musical experience rather than ur instrument expertise..!!
    but then again..the reason i am learnin the violin is vanessa mae..ha ha..shes her!!especially red heat,hocus pocus etc..kewl stuff...
    but my fav piece is 'eruption' on the violin...some bobby yang fella has that video on check that out!!!
  8. nabzy

    nabzy New Member

    hmm...i remember i absolutely hated the violin when i first started...admitted...i was young 5 yrs old...but..i really didnt enjoy do u find bowing and making a good u have trouble not took me a while to get that out of my playing...hope u end up enjoying the instrument...
  9. taxyse

    taxyse t3h.

    ^^ hmmm..yeh.... there IS a lot of screeching in my playin...but i guess thats becuz i have plastic strings on my bow :annoyed:
  10. alfaone

    alfaone New Member

    i like violin too but i think we are missin the point here. how about new putting up new pieces of music. i'd be glad if some one could do that in indian notations. how about mohabattein
  11. nabzy

    nabzy New Member

    hmm...i dont know indian notations..but will do it in western...
  12. frogclown

    frogclown New Member

    hey i'm a violinist too... however i'm grade five and been playing for four years.. I LURVE THE VIOLIN!!

    ya ali from gangster sounds great on the violin, the intro part. However I don't know it... Does anybody?!
  13. nabzy

    nabzy New Member

    hey Frogclown
    heres the initial part of ya ali...lemme explain my notation...imagine ur playing a chromatic scale on any string..and the notation would be
    0, 0.5, 1, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4 play the part on the E string

    2, 2, 2, 3, 4, 3, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 (play this twice)

  14. nabzy

    nabzy New Member

    hey..i've written out the mohabbatein theme...essentially its humko humi se churalo but in a different and shorter way...i've got it on a finale notepad file..if anyone wants it, send me a PM with somewhere i can send u the file...
  15. alfaone

    alfaone New Member

    i didnot quite get your notation nabzy. i play violin in classical style. i cannot corelate to the numbers that you have mentioned. can you be more elaborate please
  16. nabzy

    nabzy New Member

    classical indian style? u understand this version?

    G, G, G, A, B, A, B, A, G, F#, E

    (all on the highest -in pitch- string)
  17. Luthier

    Luthier New Member

  18. alfaone

    alfaone New Member

    yeah i do. i'd be glad if you could post in those notations or explain the analogy to the numbers.thanks in advance
  19. nabzy

    nabzy New Member

    @luthier..that electric violin seems totally awesome! this may be a stupid question, but does it have a distinctly electric is the difference in sound b/w a normal and electric violin the same as the distinction b/w acoustic and electric guitars? i'd absolutely loooooooove to try out an electric violin...

    @alfaone...umm the stuff i posted last is the intro to ya ali..right at the beginning of the song before he starts singing...and i tried sending the mohabbatein notation to the email addy u gave me but it bounced back..when i have time, i'll jst post it in the same notation as above...unless u want the file...

    here's the ya ali intro again so u dont have to scroll upwards.
    G, G, G, A, B, A, B, A, G, F#, E

    (all on the highest -in pitch- string)

    more on the number analogy later....when i dont have to be finishing 12 page research papers..ugh
  20. Luthier

    Luthier New Member

    @nabzy.....Yes the violin sounds different and the pickup used in it was self-made and a prototype. I still have to better the pickup design but everything has to made from scratch since nothing is available ready here. I am alraedy wkg on two more electric violins but progress is slow b'coz of job commitments. Tell me if u want one.. ;-p


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