Any shop in chennai that change string for floyd rose guitars?

Discussion in 'The ChitChat Lounge' started by lordprashanth, Mar 19, 2010.

  1. lordprashanth

    lordprashanth New Member

    i ve got a Cort X6 guitar with a licensed floyd rose. now the high E string has come off. is there any shop in chennai that changes string for my guitar?
  2. ambush

    ambush _RASTA_man_

    cant you do it your self.
  3. lordprashanth

    lordprashanth New Member

    i heard the string changing process is quite complicated for a floyd u think i can do it myself???
  4. tvrao

    tvrao New Member

    hi everybody
  5. yesh11

    yesh11 New Member

    hey dude! well it is very easy! check it some youtube vids! easy man!
    lemme make it easy, use alen key to loosen the saddle screws,( i dono wats it cald, but the one facin the back) nw you can take out the string, cuz the ball ends, put a new string, tighten it, make sure the fine tuners r max high, nw tighten the strings, tune it, and fine tune it wid the fine tuners!

    if u dont kno what finetuners are, they are the screws facing up, the screws on the bridge! :) simple and easy! do some google and u r good :)
  6. mpmdavid

    mpmdavid New Member

    well its a east process,, but still if ur not comfortable about it, then go to tulsi guitars, he will do it for you, u can also learn it from him so that the next time u can do it urself, his shop is in chindadripet opposite to zion church,,, chindadripet is near from egmore and richie street.. the land mark is chindadripet police station and also a IOB bank there.. hope this info helps
  7. syedzaki

    syedzaki New Member


    Musie Musicals at Anna Salai, also does repair Guitar and are a very good distributors.

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