Any Piano Lovers Out There?

Discussion in 'Misc Musical Instruments' started by Piano Player75, Aug 26, 2006.

  1. Hey! I am new here. And as u can see i love the piano. Even though playing Fer Elise and other Motzart pieces are fun, nothing is more exciting than hearing one of your favorite hindi songs, like fanaa or kal ho na ho. I am still looking for the notes for KANK (any song). But with all of you, i think that I will have the notes within a few days. Thanks in advance. Thanks for all the notes that you took your time to post.
  2. keyboarder '82

    keyboarder '82 New Member


    Hey! I am new here too! I love the piano! I am very enthusiastic about playing Dhoom and KANK on my keyboard. My niece is a huge SRK and Abishek Fan! Thank you all for everything!
  3. miky_jordan

    miky_jordan New Member

    I am new too and love playing hindi songs on my keyboard.
  4. u-n-i

    u-n-i New Member

    It would be nice if this site owners think to start a seperate keyboard notes section and can provide notes for keyboard.

  5. avijit_sen

    avijit_sen New Member

    I play the piano and looking for Rabindrasangeet sheet music in western notation for piano/keyboard. Particularly I am looking for "aami chini go chini tomare..." and "purano shei diner kothaa..."
  6. ayusharma

    ayusharma New Member

    Hi...even im a piano lover here.But the problem is,,der are hardly any sites which actually post piano notations.Lets wait and see what happens on IGT!!
  7. hsharma

    hsharma New Member

    i'm a singer but started just recently with playing piano also, i hope IGT will expand their services by providing piano notations.....
  8. miky_jordan

    miky_jordan New Member

    Yah it would be gr8 if the site owners start something for Keyboards/piano notes. Even the search results guitar tabs everytime.
  9. Yoosh

    Yoosh New Member

    it's not really up to the administrators to do much though. i would love it if they made a new section (hint hint) but it's really up to the people who play piano to start posting some songs.

    if anyone has anything for piano or keyboard just post it, we would love to try it..right guys?
  10. rajdoshi

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    It seems all are beginners and everyone wants piano notes. That includes me.
    I have not found single sheet music-giving notes for both hands. Hope some experience players would oblige us.

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