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  1. deep001

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    hi frends ami deep guitar shekha suru korache, guitar chords chart major,minor 7th plz deba & ki kora bajabo plz bolbe....
  2. Melodic cry

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    Chord Formula

    Amaj7 = 576655 (Notes are AEG#C#EA) and
    Amin7 = 575555 (Notes are AEGCEA)

    [*String order is EADGBE.]

    There are also other shapes but u should remember these two shapes first, since they are bar chords u can move them to any where like basic major or minor bar chords.

    Formula and Explanation:
    Major - 1,3,5
    Minor - 1,b3,5
    Maj7 - 1,3,5,7
    Min7 - 1,b3,5,b7

    Here 1 means root/key/home note, 3 means major 3rd note of the scale, similarly
    5 = natural 5th note,
    b3 = flated 3rd or minor 3rd,
    7 = major 7th note,
    b7 = minor 7th note.

    For example in the key of "A" we have A B C# D E F# G#(total 7 notes), so in a A major chord we have A C# E (1,3,and 5 from the scale) similarly Amaj7 = A C# E G#. (1 3 5 7)

    For a minor scale lets pick "A" minor and in this scale we have A B C D E F G, A min = A C E and Amin7 = A C E G.

    Hope it will help. :)
  3. deep001

    deep001 New Member

    Thank you :)
  4. i3game

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    Dada aise guitar mat skeekho pehle, chod aise hi kyo banti hai ye sikho, that will help you always in future, And Most Impotant Is Develop Your Ear. Ear training is somthing which is 75% of music.
    Think n my sugestion.
    I Game Is On..............! :)

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