any more songs???

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  1. nyk_nikhil

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    m very comfortable wid followin chords......
    C,C#,C#m,D,Dm,E,Em,F,F#,F#m,G,G#,G#m,A,Am,A#,A#m, and Bflat
    i can play aadat nd papa kehte hai perfectly.....
    is there any othr songs.... which i can play wid dese patterns?????
    i hv lernt all dis in 4 classes so mah speed is kina gud... plz reply... giv me sum new strumming patterns also..wanna lern more nd more...
  2. vini

    vini Repeat Offender

    thats a huge number of chords u know sure if u search around for the songs u'd like to play then u may find 80% which u can play..just bcoz u know so many search for all ur favourite songs!

    strumming? search this forum, u can find lots of data on the threads and then i cant help but add...strumming would need lots of practise, time and experience..ur just 4 classes old..dont push urself through. after some exp. u wouldnt need any help on strumming coz u'd be able to assess the strumming pattern just by listening to song..but yes it would be good to take a look at the numerous threads which i said are already there(for strumming help)

    all the best!
  3. nyk_nikhil

    nyk_nikhil New Member

    [thnks a lot vini

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