Any idea about making a simple guitar Amplifier

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by shantanukr, Apr 10, 2006.

  1. shantanukr

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    Hey guys my idea may not seem very good to everyone.. but any geniouses are hereby who can put some light on this topic, for ex: Amplifier circuit, requirements anything .....
  2. madhuresh

    madhuresh madhuresh

    i think this can be made ....ur right electronics4u has a lot of icrcuits for the same but.......guitar ke liye ussmain filters lagane hite hain shayad.....?
  3. ronnieanand

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    I dont use any Marshall or Peavey or Roland amp for my setup. I made my own 70W SS Head and also made a 2x12 Speaker Cabinet. It sounds a killer and is good enough to play it for small gigs too. I have given three inputs with independent volume controls which makes it to be like a 3 input mixer also. It didn't cost me much but took a lot of time.

    Anyway, tell me what do you want to know.

    Take up any power amplifier circuit and a guitar pre amplifier circuit and rig them up. MOSFET based ones are warm sounding and Transistors based ones are very sharp and trebly. Decide what do you want. MOSFET based ones also have tight sounding bass. Just search for DIY Guitar Amps in Google and you will get plenty of links.
  4. ms.deepu28

    ms.deepu28 New Member

    i have a sets of collection circuit diagrams of guitar preamp and amplifier

    i will post the lisnks soon u can go through them
    but cant tell that the parts may be available at your shop or not
  5. acoustic12

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    Ms. deepu.. please get them links as soon as possible.. I know where to get al the electronics parts... so no problem there... This is the forum I have been looking for.

    I surely will need your help ronnie!
  6. mad_spartan

    mad_spartan New Member

    search on google for circuits mate. just type like "<amp name> schematics" eg. "marshall jcm 800 schematics" for that amp :p

    and yeah i need ronnie too!
  7. ms.deepu28

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  8. acoustic12

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    Nice diagrams deepu!!! really good work... Reps ur way!!
  9. acoustic12

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  10. nitin_bailey

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    Need to buy an amp. for my acoustic guitar

    Hi All.... i just need your little advice, I am planning to buy an amp for my acoustic guitar (Yamaha F210 ).. please suggest me - shall i go ahead with Marshall or Laney.

    What i need is nice natural pleasant sound ( as good as it comes from the guitar itself). Also, i do plan to hook my keyboard player too in the CD input (hope its not that bad idea)...

    So please guide me through... i have been considering Marshall MG15DFX ....or MG30DFX

    I look forward to your suggestions.

    Thanks Everyone
  11. acoustic12

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    Hey ronnie.. did u get those circuits made on PCBs or are the considerably primitive through hole circuit assembly things good enough for this project..?
  12. alpha1

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  13. acoustic12

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    well u were the one who posted the link in the other thread... and I juz copied that from ur thread as it is.. thats how ur involved.

    I have a question for u .... wat makes u ... red? I thought u played blues.... haha.. well ans this question smwhere else maybe.. lets not hijack this thread.. as distorted would put it...

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