any guitar teacher in vadodara ( GUJARAT )

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  1. mozis

    mozis New Member

    Hello geeks,
    I'm infant playing guitar. I want to know if anybody in vadodara(GUJ) teaches playing guitar. please let me kno urgent.

    Thanx in anticipation.


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  2. brijrockson

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    Hi dude,

    If you begineer and hav the passion go for western music, a person named rock teaches guitar to students at rosary school baroda. i don have phn contact as such but he teaches daily in evening at rosary school, if by chance i get his numbr i will pass it to you..

  3. jimmi hendrix

    jimmi hendrix New Member

    a lot of guitar learners are talking about some teacher called mayank tripathi, his class is in subhanpura, vadodara,
    my friend learnt so much from him in just 2 months and now he plays much better than me,
  4. pawansingh

    pawansingh New Member

    Applied Guitar and Aesthetic Sense Development Workshop

    Applied Guitar and Aesthetic Sense Development Workshop [Gotri, Vadodara] is a place in my home where you learn why guitar has been played in the way it is played by great musicians as well as how to play in the same manner or make your own style by playing it differently, which suits your voice and scale. If you have got fed up with complexity of freets and positions or you have kept your guitar aside due to any reason, please do justice to your guitar and your inner self. Believe me, I will fill harmonics in both. Just come with determination to learn and practice a lot. Practice is the only key to success. FEE? no problem, just pay Rs 400 for Eight sittings in a month. Call me[7600183483] or come for introduction classes for a week and then decide.
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