Any good site to learn guitar

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  1. sagoo

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    Dear Friends
    Pls tell me any free site good one to learn Guitar i am biggner plse mail me if you can help me as well Regards
    e mail
  2. bhupesh

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    hey buddy,listen.go to youtube n type 'learning guitar'....u will get all stuff of guitar learning....
  3. metalarmy

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  4. Shady_88

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    Really, if you want to learn playing the guitar, one tip: Never go to lessons!
    If you want to play these songs on indian guitartabs or that ullitmate guitar site, you'll have to practice practice practice thos tabs. That's the way to go. Then use chordbraker on to identify the chords and learn them till you can dream them. Just the spirit.. that's all you need. Need some easy play-examples?
    I started with Everybody hurts (R.E.M.), Tears in Heaven (Eric Clapton), Love you more (Racoon).
    Then there is the tab main hoon na which I made when I was a real n00b! (not that I am an expert now.. :S)
    Then you can do all things on this site. The Chords are the easiest.. most of the time..

    Good luck!
    Subhash Shady
  5. -Nemesis-

    -Nemesis- New Member
    Teaches you 1 scale,three chords,1 theory,1 strum pattern/technique and 5 songs EVERY LESSON :)

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