Any experience with prs necks?

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by hiflier79, Sep 4, 2012.

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    Hello ppl
    Long time since i visited this forum...i am planning to upgrade my rig..i was using a cort x6 with a fender mustang1 i feel that i should uget a better guitar and amp....The cort was a nice guitar but after sometime i realised that the neck was quite thin for my liking...great for shredding but chords were a the tremolo made alternate tunings and changing strings a major hassle.At present i am looking for a hardtail or something like a prs tremolo system with a comfortable neck..neither too thin like wizards ....nor like a gibson.......budget Rs 40000-45000....I am looking at the schecter C-1 standard or plus model and the prs cse custom24 model...if any of you guys had any experience with these models please share
    On another subject i am planning to upgrade to a tube amp....i play everything from 70's to 90's something with nice gain will be good....i have my eyes on thae bugera v5, laney cub8, and the blackstar h1r combo( can be used at bedroom levels) but buying pedals will be another expensive it a goo idea to pair a tube amp with a processor or a ss amp will be sufficient
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    I have a PRS SE245 and the neck is pretty comfortable to play... Not like a baseball bat surely.

    This might interest you

    Regarding the processor it will depend. If you are buying a processor and wanna use it for amp modelling like line6 POD, zoom G3/G5 etc then amp is not gonna help you much. Get yourself FRFR monitor or a keyboard amp for that.
    If you're buying the processor to use it as a stomp box then getting a decent amp is a good idea.

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