any clue about Scale of song?

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    Hey everyone i am an intermediate guitarist, i have am confused about the SCALEs.. i have searched the net but haven't got much... i know about the triads, the basics how the major minor and suspended chords are formed (the whole theory of it).

    I just want to know what are CHORD SCALES
    like people post "that this song is in F# scale...."
    is there any patteren or what.. please help me...

    i read somewhere that if you know the first chord of a song then that is the scale of the song, and for every particular scale there is a chart... m totally confused please help.
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    Identifying scale or key of a song comes with practice. There is no particular formula (as far as i know) for finding the key or tonal chord of a song. The root aka tonic chord of a song gives you a different feel when played compared to other chords.
    For example, take the song "Kya huwa tera vaada"...The song is in Fmajor Key , in other words F major scale. But the song starts with an A#-
    Kya hu[A#]wa tera [F]vaada
    While you were playing this song, Didn't you feel it started with a bit irregular pattern than usual? And did u feel something like "getting released from tension" when you came back to the F chord? YES! when you play the tonal chord or the key of the song, you get some sense of being "at home" , while the other chords tend to carry you away. Usually, the starting and ending chords are the tonal chords but not always.

    For practice, listen and play the songs that start with tonal chord and that start with relative chords alternately. Though usually the first chord of a song itself is the scale of the song , but not always. Well there are many songs starting with a relative chord but right now i don't have them in my mind :D I'll give you a list of such songs very soon. And don't worry, this ability comes with practice.

    P.S. I am not a music student and whatever I wrote above is solely based on my experience.
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    I totally agree with your opinion. I also think its just a matter of listening and feelings.
    For almost all musicians who are praticing with passion (and alot), there comes a day and you will get that feeling about the scale of the song, i mean is this song a major scale or a minor!

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