Any Bangla Band from Rahara/Khardaha

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  1. rrktuhin

    rrktuhin New Member

    HI All,

    Is there any upcoming bangla-band from Rahara/Khardaha?

    The only known band is 'Srote'..

    Is there any other except 'Srote'(may be old/new)

    Plz share any kind of information related !!!
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  2. soumya.nag

    soumya.nag New Member

    yes there is a bangla band called "GARTO".. and also a bangla band called "mudir dokan".. these bands are popular in UK and USA... but no one recognise them in india.....
  3. rrktuhin

    rrktuhin New Member

    HI soumya,

    thanks for the reply..
    where are u from btw?

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