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    Hello Everyone this is Aditya Agrawal a Mechanical engineering student.I am just another begineer who has found net as the best source of information. Before posting this intro itself i have made lots of research on guitars on the net.
    I want to learn to play guitar without going to any classes for that because of lack of time and the problem of lack of time does not leak into my daily schedule if i m going to learn the guitar at home from net itself.So i m keen on getting the thing of guitar right by practising atlleast for 1 hour a day.
    As i made a research on net there were many topics where they compared with which kind of guitar one should begin-ACOUSTIC or ELECTRIC!And there i found myself more suited to solid body based electric guitars.I majourly listen to rock music from bands like-IRON MAIDEN,MEGADETH and few selective guitar artists like ORIANTHI PEAGURSON etc.
    On this forum i post this topic so that i can find systematic and structured lessons on learning of guitar.Also i would like to know the ground reality i.e. what are the prices at which different guitars sell?HEAPS OF INSTRUCTIONS,ADVICES SUPPORT SO THAT I CAN LEARN TO PLAY GUITAR IN A MATURE FASHION.And to meet with someone who also lives in the city of NASHIK itself so that i can be in personal contact with him.
    Thanks.Warm Regards Awaiting a fast,positive and meaningful reply.
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    Welcome, everyone on this forum is available over the internet, if not in Nasik

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