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    Dear IGTians,

    Its a honour to present another new feature from us to you all!

    Finally we have our own Official Album, right on our own Servers!!

    So welcome to "Indian Guitar Tabs Album"

    >Arrangement of pictures in categories and albums!
    >creation of thumbnails and intermediate size pics automatically!
    >Search feature on the existing pictures
    >Last added pictures automatically listed
    >Random picture gallery generates random pictures each time a page loads
    >User comments: You can comment on any picture, SAY your heart out!
    >E-card feature: Directly mail someone a picture from album as a E-Card!
    >Slideshow viewer: Fully featured Slideshow, showing you all the pictures with a few clicks of the mouse!

    Above all, you dont need to signup again or do any hassles! Once you are inside IGT, you can easily navigate to our Album via by clicking the link on the top Navbar, besides the FAQ link!

    Now comes the posting issue: To get your picture/pictures in there, simply mail it to
    igtalbum @ with your IGT Userid!
    The album wud be daily updated according to the received pictures!

    Know Issues: If u click logout from the Album's Logout link, you may face a error:VBulletin Message: "An error occurred while attempting to log you out. Click here to log out."
    Well, just click on the logout link provided there and you would be successfully loggedout!

    I hope you all enjoy this new feature!
    Any functional problems, errors, suggestions are most welcomed!


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