Ankahee Title Song Chrds SUBMITTED.

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    Hey guys I managed to get it…hope it’s allright.i’m trying the solos.. replies & reps plz {dm=Diminished}
    If they’re useful

    B ---------------Bm------A------------- Bm (dm)
    Ankhon Mein Anjaney Rehte Manzar Kayee
    B ------------Bm--------A------------- Bm (dm)
    Seene mein Chubhti Hai Koi Bebasi Nayee

    Yaadon Mein Sajee, Kuch Batein Ankahee
    In Baaton Mein Kaheen, Khoi Hai Zindagi….

    Bm (dm)-----A------------------E
    Dil Phoole Nahi Kyun, Beete Pal
    ------------ F#-------------E
    Koi Yahaan Kare Bhi to Kya?
    Bm (dm)-----A---------------E
    Tute Hain Armaan, Sapne Bhi
    ---------- F#---------------E
    Kaise Inhe, Savaroon Main

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