Anjan Dutta: bondhu?

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  1. zhahme00

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    friends, i do not know the name of this song. perhaps its called bonhdu, i am not sure. it says track 9 on my iTunes. :-(. so i cannot search for it and look it up on IGT or anywhere. so here it is.. if someone remembers the lyrics and knows the chords/tabs plz correct me, name the song, and share with the world. thx.


    aakashta aaj boroi neel
    aaj amaai --pichu dayko na
    jay rong tomar chokher shamil
    she chok bhijiay dio na

    bondhu tomar ami tai
    onno dabi raykho na
    daykho na

    bondhutter hoya podobi
    bondhu tumi kaydo na
    bondhu shobuj chiro din
    bondhutter boyosh baray na

    bondhu tomar ami tai
    attio-tai bedhona
    kaydo na

    hoyto tomar unlai
    thakbay na aamar jama
    jhul-bay na tomar barandai
    aamar panjabi pajama

    tobu moner janalai
    obad ana gona

    ... and so on.. there's more...
  2. hotobhaga

    hotobhaga GraMMaR GoD :p:

    chord progression thik ache.. but.. gaan ta shune mone holo... G theke shuru.. amar guitar e G.. tune E te...!
  3. zhahme00

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    but brother... what is the name of this song? is it "bondhu?"
  4. hotobhaga

    hotobhaga GraMMaR GoD :p:

    yea.. "Bondhu" .
  5. zhahme00

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  6. sukalyan89

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    Khub valo hoe che kaaj ta ..

    Very Good work but .. The scale is extremely high .. for amature singers like me :p so I transposed the song in key : G ... where the replaced chords will be like this ..

    C-------> G
    Am------> Em
    G--------> D

    Hope this progression will be easier to sing for ..others .. any ways the chords placements are very good and correct as it seemed to me ..

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