Anbe Sivam (Title): Chords

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  1. venkat34

    venkat34 New Member

    Hello everyone

    this is one of my favourite songs and i was tempted to figure out its chords. The chords are pretty simple and there is no specific strumming pattern. But yeah if someone out there creates a strumming pattern for this song then please do post it because it is just an amazing song. But i do not have the chords for the full song. OOPS sorry. Again if anyone has the chords for the full song then kindly post it.

    Here it goes

    Am ..............
    Yaar Ya Sivam

    Bb F Am
    Ne Naa Sivam

  2. zee

    zee New Member

    hi im just wana be your friend

    hi im ziad im new to this site i think the chords for anbe sivam are right but the song slow instead of strumming one can try it by plucking which may sound good

    bye plz do reply
  3. venkat34

    venkat34 New Member

    thanks for your reply. I will definetely try playing by plucking the strings instead of strumming.

  4. zee

    zee New Member

    ok dude

    oh thats ok post me the plucking you can try the backround music of piano that will do better \

    do reply asnd plz plz plz post any song which you know it will help me a lot and i will do the same

    no matter wat ever the song is its all under six strings

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