Analog Pedals VS Multi Effects Processor ;

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Saviosteps, Oct 31, 2011.

  1. Saviosteps

    Saviosteps New Member

    HI Folks;

    I am yet confounded by the age old dilemma, that every guitar player( Read:: The Electric variety) worth his tones encounter. At one end you have the Analog simple effective single / Double tone analog pedal on the other hand the algorithmic Multi-Effects Pedals. Which one would you folks choose please also state the obvious Reasons!
  2. mymusicmyguitar

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    I dont mind goin with the high end processors but not the cheap ones.

    Pedals do give u that analog warm tone and u have better control over it...Low end processors sound way toooo digital and i really dont like that plastic tone..There are some really good high end processors..worth the money..

    I started initially with pedals and dont intend to change to processors coz i can get the desired tone with those...

    Again its the personal preference....I am fine with both.....
  3. Saviosteps

    Saviosteps New Member

    Point Noted!

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