An Epitome of silence,

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    An epitome of silence, he lies in his bed.
    No physical movement allowed,
    The only things capable are the thoughts in his head.
    He remembered the fateful day,
    With contempt for his future,
    With disregard for his life,
    He lost control of his car.
    And drove into a wall at unknown miles per hour.
    Hit his head and broke his spine,
    His whole life passed in front of his eyes.

    But he welcomed the pain,
    As if he was challenging,
    Make him suffer more than he already was,

    He was not always like this; it had been just a while.
    He could laugh with his friends; and he knew how to smile.

    But now he lies on the bed,
    His body paralyzed,
    His mind senile,
    And he thinks, and thinks hard,
    He thinks about his faults and that fateful day.
    He thought life was hard and he welcomed the pain.

    An epitome of silence he lies in his bed,
    The secret safe with him,
    He closed his eyes,
    and slept and slept and slept…….

    another one of my poems
    Style :- Prose
    Poet:- Ankit Kaushik
    Inspiration :-
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    So nice, esp the characterisation- so cold and detached...!
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    a very different thought ...keep posting
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    gud job...
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    thanks guys......

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