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    Thanks to Cryptic Angel for making me do this again...

    I wrote these in class... in a single period, all having different topics... but, all have one root... anger...

    There are 4 of 'em... I've finished off writing the song for the first, and the others I'm currently working on...
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    Untitled - 3

    I'm your little sister, always looked up
    Now that you've left, I think you plain suck
    Never been there for me, never did you care
    Thinking only 'bout yourself, & I see that's fair.

    I was your best bed, since we ever met
    Helped you out all the time, you never did once fret
    The next day you just shun me, leave me in the cold
    Think only 'bout yourself, that's what you told.

    I am your father, loved you all my life,
    You didn't do things my way, that led to the strife
    I made you who you are, I made you stand
    Think only 'bout yourself, I made you understand.

    I am your brother, protected you in open skies,
    The day you did better, I wished that you'd die
    Never once did you thank me for all I had done
    Think only 'bout yourself, is the lesson I've learnt.

    I am your manager, brought you in the spotlight
    It was me who started it all, even the fight
    Made you a success, made you people rule
    Thinking only 'bout myself, I made you the fool.

    I am the teacher, who taught you all you know,
    The seeds of enlightenment in you did I sow
    That was just my duty, I did it 'cuz I had to
    Think only 'bout yourself, is the best that I taught you.

    I secretly loved you, not one did I tell,
    You just made my life a f'kin piece of hell
    Tried to tell you in every possibel way
    Thinking only 'bout yourself, did you do everyday.

    I am the government, f'ked up that I am
    Democracy doesn't rule here, it never can
    Counting the cash, while the devil takes their soul
    Thinking only 'bout themselves, is their only goal.
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    Why is it that life screws you?
    Why is it that life plain sucks?
    Different ideologies, that's the curse
    Plague the world with your discourse
    No one will ever be by your side
    None will ever look up on you, to you, for you
    That is the harsh reality
    That is the way life goes on
    It may be screwing you today
    It will screw the others later!
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    The Unnamed Feeling

    Anger, running through my veins
    For what it does, I do not know
    Consuming all my well being
    Makes me something I'm not!

    But if there is no bloody reason
    For this mental execration,
    Can this really be just anger?

    No, this is the unnamed feeling
    Something that crawls from within
    It is this that will cause anger,
    Cause hatred, cause jealousy...
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    Though people may believe
    That knowing people is good
    In the end they all realize
    Alone is the way one should
    Really be.

    Find yourself,
    Get to know who you really are.
    Isolate yourself,
    Trap yourself in a corner,
    Sit down, scream, shout
    Let go of your inhibitions,
    Let go of all your fear
    Take out the real you.

    Find yourself,
    For then you'll know
    The truth about you.
    You'll finally be able to live
    Without others,
    A freeman.
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  6. BubblyMartini

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    They'r terrific.. :nw:
    Nice work dude..
  7. shsnawada

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    Damn........ nice stuff. Reps for you.
  8. the_wizard

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    fantastic stuff dude....

    cant giv u reps :( need to spread sm more did cryptic_angel inspired u ???
  9. CrYpTiC_angel

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    Ur welcome :)

    and yeah... awesome stuff!!
  10. CrYpTiC_angel

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    hehe... i didnt inspire him... it's jst dat he posted his poems up on igt coz sed i liked his older stuff n wud like 2 c more....
  11. #iR@


    AWSOME WORK!!!!!!!!! KEEP EM COMMING! reps for u! :beer: :rock:
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    @asmo bhai - cool man! thats some anger in it! really terrific stuff! i apprecioate it especially the 1st and last one! ....did crptic angel made you do this?....ohh isee,, there is some affair bet ween you both na?;) man ....reps for ya!...i have some similar lyrics like this but not as rhyming as poem 1! and nice usage of words as well!

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