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Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by jebinj, Aug 28, 2006.

  1. jebinj

    jebinj New Member

    hi guys
    new to this forum.have been playong acoustic for few years.want to buy an electric guitar.have decided to buy ibanez gsa60 and zoom707II processor.but i am very confused with amps.which one should i budget is 10000.many suggested marshall but when i heard mg10 it sounded nice but not that smooth.what about stranger80?but it didnt give a clear tone.will i be able to get that with the processor?or should i go for marshall 30watts.the marshall sounded very loud but there was a lot of noise.will the processor sound good in marshall?please guys little help needed here.are there other good amps available?i am from kerala.please also suggest if my guitar and processor decision are good.suggest other budget for guitar processor and amp is Rs 30000.
  2. capri.rahulkaul

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  3. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    Dude, just list out what kind of tone are you looking for.

    Any specific bands?
  4. jebinj

    jebinj New Member

    thanks i am looking for mostly rock and metal kind of the zoom processor that bad.i found many good reviews about it.anyway i heard digitech rp80 and didnt like it at zoom worse than that my god!help me out buddies.
  5. jebinj

    jebinj New Member

    guys what about korg processors are they better than digitech?comparing all three which one will be better

    korg ax10g
    digitech rp80
    zoom 707II
  6. Iraqita_EP

    Iraqita_EP New Member

  7. Double Click

    Double Click New Member


    With your budget, u can get waaay better gear man. BTW, where in Kerala are u?
  8. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    Rs 30K. Woooooooooooo!

    Rock + Metal. I assume it is primarily 80s music.

    One more question: what effects you want along: delay, reverrb, chorus, flange, phaser, vibrato, pitch bending .... etc

    You need Marshally sounding distorted tone.
    Consider buying AMT British distortion.
    ~ Rs 6K

    or Digitech Hot Head
    ~ Rs 3K

    Both these pedals can be made available in India. These guys do:

    Stranger will do, Once you have a nice pedals to get good distortion. Ofcourse Marshall (solid state) amp will definitley sound better. But then you got budgetary issues.
    ~ Rs 10K

    If you need only one or two effects like one delay and one flanger, then you can consider pedals.
    ~ Rs 5K + Rs 4K

    However, if your need is a whole gamut of effects, better go for multiprocessor like Boss GT-6, Boss GT-8, Line 6 POD XT, Korg AX3000G, Zoom G7, Zoom G9. Incidentally, processors will also cater to the tone (distortion/overdrive etc), and hence you wont need any isolated distortion pedal.
    However, multiprocessors are very expensive. ~ Rs 25K
  9. nilu_nirvana

    nilu_nirvana New Member

    way to go alpha1!!!...effects processors do pack in lot of sounds, esp korg and digitech..and i find korg tones much more easy to manipulate than zoom tones tend to get scratchy, esp the low end processors...

    pedals give good,natural tones...but tend to get expensive....korg ax1500 and korg ax3000g are good options
  10. jebinj

    jebinj New Member

    thank you very much guys for the warm response.well i have become more confused on which to buy.hey "double click" i am from kottayam, kerala. Rs 30K is my total budget.well i think i will stick on to multi fx since i am a beginner and like to experiment with various types.stranger 80w costs around 7000.then guitar ibanez gsa60 -Rs 10500.left is 13000.processor ax1500g is that price.what should i go for zoom or korg?should i go for some other amp or guitar just close my deal for around 26000 and later buy some classic stuffs.come on guys give me some nice suggestions.anybody from kerala especially kottayam,would like to talk about your gear.
  11. jebinj

    jebinj New Member

    which one will be better stranger cube80 or stranger ns100.which one suits guitar most.latter has 120w and both reverb and distortion.i think i may be able to blow away my neighbours with that.just kidding.whats you guys' opinion on squier strats?
  12. Ibanezed

    Ibanezed New Member

    squier strats are crap ..
    zoom 7072 sucks ..
    digtech series rule ..wonder what made you dislike it ..
  13. TheDevil

    TheDevil Ruler of Hell

    Look, basically Strangers suck.....just get a lower RMS Marshall instead or if ur keen on buying a stranger get 1 with a lower wattage n go for a GRG270DX its is much better compared to the p00p GRX60 and costs 14K.

    Oh n a Korg anyday man Zoom amp emulation is like the PSP emulating the N64...choppy and crap...Korg is much better..........All just IMO ;)
  14. nilu_nirvana

    nilu_nirvana New Member

    you can get a marshall 15w amp for around 4.5k...way better than strangers...and the korg ax 1500g is somewhere around 12.5k (Delhi)...and ya the the korg 1500g is far ahead of the zoom 707 2
  15. TheDevil

    TheDevil Ruler of Hell

  16. nilu_nirvana

    nilu_nirvana New Member

    you can get a marshall 15w amp for around 4.5k...way better than strangers...and the korg ax 1500g is somewhere around 12.5k (Delhi)...and ya the the korg 1500g is far ahead of the zoom 707 2
  17. thehundredthone

    thehundredthone New Member

    i don't think anyone has tried out the new zoom series so there's not much that can be said about them. they have a much higher sampling rate of 96kHz so the sound is supposedly closer to the analog boxes. sound samples on the net can't really be trusted because they mod them to sound extremely good, something that you don't get from the product without a decent rig and time to fiddle with the settings.

    in comparison to the GFX-707II though, i guess the korg is better.

    but you can look at the zoom g7.1ut, although i don't know if it's available in india. it would be around Rs.14000-15000.

    if not then there's the AX1500g which is quite reliable in terms of sound. ideally you should spend time with your pedal to dial in a sound you really like.
  18. TheDevil

    TheDevil Ruler of Hell

    Sometimes it even sounds BAD due to limitations of the now redundant standards of current codec softwares.

    Anyday :)

    Looks quite promising...Lets see now how accurate the Models are ;)
  19. jebinj

    jebinj New Member

    thank you guys ,i think i will try the zoom and learn all effect types and then later after i collect some more money?(which may not be for a year or two) will buy stompboxes or boss gt8 kind stuff.well amp i think i will go for a stranger for start.i didnt like the sound of marshall 15 that i tried in the was making a lot of noise but it was definitely better than stranger.but i need really loud sound so stranger i suppose.moreover the marshalls are made in india now whats the point in calling it foreign.after a while i think i will go for some serious buy like tube amps and high quality guitars.thank you again guys.will need you guys more for my beginning lessons for electric guitar.
  20. prit_undead

    prit_undead New Member

    make sure you try out korg

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