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Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by scot_hacker, Jan 24, 2004.

  1. scot_hacker

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    What exactly are amps and processors? Why is a processor needed? What would I need if I use an acoustic. Is it used only for performances or is it useful for recording as well. Is an electric guitar better for recording than an acoustic?

  2. jayanth

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    Hi Sushant.

    An Amp is used to amplify the sound. So you can connect your guitar to it and listen. Basically used when playing along with drums. The Drums make so much sound that the sound of your guitar will not be heard.

    A Processor is one which adds effects to your guitaring. Like Echo , Flange etc.

    The Amp and Processor combination is an absolute must for an electric guitar. Because the body may not be hollow and you cant hear what you play.

    The Amp/Processor combination is used in recording as well as live performances. The processors come in the form of Racks where they are placed with the amp of in the form of Pedal Boards.

    Regarding your question about Recording . Which is better Acoustic or Electric?

    See basically it depends on what type of recording. If you want to record a song like Enter Sandman - Metallica you have to use the electric. But then someting like Papa Kehte Hai - You can use either. Or someting very acoustic.

    If you need more info about Amps and Processors you can please ask.
  3. esgallindeion

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    Most Indians use a Boss distortion box. I have a Korg AX100G effects processor.
  4. jayanth

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    The Boss GT6 is state of the art. The best multi effects processor (Floor Based) ever.
  5. The Edge

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    Jayanth, I like your simple style of explaining :)

    I thought I'll share this link which I found to be informative: (dont click, copy-paste it in the address bar of the browser)

    I recently was gifted a Zoom 606 guitar multi-effects processor, and it sounds great too. I have a thin body acoustic guitar with pick-up and a 20W practise amp. Modest gear, I should say :) These, with my Zoom 606 are rocking my peaceful neighborhood these days :)
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    Hey thanks folks!
  8. jayanth

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    Glad to help. You are the first person to ask a question on Guitar Gear Talk. Welcome Aboard. I like this kind of talk.

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