Amp or Audio interface...Cant decide!!!??

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by theghost, Mar 17, 2010.

  1. theghost

    theghost New Member

    Hi all,
    I've been playing electric for abt 6-7 months now and need some good tones from my guitar.
    Currently i plug my guitar to my computer through digitech rp90.It sounds ok.

    I cant decide whether to get an amp or an audio interface like the line 6 toneport.
    I've heard some guitar tones through guitar rig 4 on youtube.What r the benefits of an amp over the software?
    Also been looking at amps and i liked the roland me decide!

  2. ambush

    ambush _RASTA_man_

    If you want to hear good tone. You should defintely get the amp. Interface can make great recording. But to experience the same tone you will need a good set of speakers. Even then its no substitute for a dedicated guitar amp.
  3. theghost

    theghost New Member

    The amps in my budget are

    Roland cube 20x
    Peavey Vypr 15w
    Line 6 Spider 4 15w


    I have squier hss strat
  4. ambush

    ambush _RASTA_man_

  5. theghost

    theghost New Member

    I looked up vypr and roland vids on youtube and the roland cleans sound much better.Line 6 tones are too digital.
    I need a simple amp with good cleans and the roland a good chice?
  6. ambush

    ambush _RASTA_man_

    If thats all you want, then you might as well pick up a tube amp. I Think you can pick one up for as much as 8K.
  7. theghost

    theghost New Member

    Could u specify the brand and the budget is 10k.

    There r only 2 tube amps at that range on bajaao.
  8. ambush

    ambush _RASTA_man_

    The cub then.
  9. unet

    unet New Member

    Laney Cub 10

    Great sounding amp.

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