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  1. tanmoy

    tanmoy New Member

    anjan dutt er ei notun album ta keu sunecho??
  2. Akelabd

    Akelabd New Member

    album ta shunechi... but keo ki plz... ai album er gaan gular chords & Lyrics dite parbe????
    parle boroi upokrito hoitam :D
  3. Osthir

    Osthir New Member

    Here is my fev song from this album - "Guitar Ekta Bondhu." Let me know how it sounds.

    Ekta neel ronger shur moner vetor shara dey,
    Ekta jhim dhora dupurer golpo amake shonay,
    Ekta harano roddur jokhon rasta khuje pay
    Jokhon ondhokare pay na kono voy
    Amar guitar ekta bondhu khuje pay(2). (2)

    Ekta lal ronger shurjo amar drawinger khatay
    Ei boro hobar jontrona amake vuliye dey,
    Ekta valobashar ajan amar neel akasher gay
    Jokhon pran khule valobashte shekhay
    Amar guitar ekta bondhu khuje pay(2).

    Ekta majh doriyar nouko jar pay na kono voy
    Ekta dur pallar trainer bashi amar opekhhay,
    Ekta palte debar ichhe ei vishon oshomoy
    Jeta moner vetor theke chara dey.
    Ekta chena chena mukh amar TV porday
    Mala-belar dukhho shukher golpo amake shonay,
    Ekta Darjeeling-er bondhu ei purono Kolkatay
    Jokhon ekta notun gaan khuje pay
    Amar guitar ekta bondhu khuje pay(2).

    Tai lay layla lay, layla lay layla lay
    Amar guitar ekta bondhu khuje pay.

    Honestly these are not the perfect chords, if you listen carefully you'll hear lots of very little chord changes that makes the song so beautiful. But this is good enough for jamming with friends or pluck it out in a birthday party :). Corrections and suggestions are welcome.

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