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  1. aishu*7

    aishu*7 New Member

    Hi guys im Aishu and im new here and very bad at guitar at the moment.
    I was wondering if anyone could post some tabs/chords that are good for a beginner like me that might even improve my guitar skils (at present i dont have any).
    I love practically all types bollywood music and hopefully want to be able to play something beside the few songs im okay at.
    Thanks in advance!
  2. Lozil

    Lozil New Member

    Papa Kehtain Hain Bada Naam Karega
    Chords are

    C Am F G
    Papa kahte hai bada naam karegaa

    C Am F G
    beta hamara aisa kaam karegaa

    C Am
    magar yeh to, koi na jaane

    F G
    ki meri manzil he kahaa...

    papa kahte hai.......

    Baithe hai mil ke

    .. Am
    Sab yaar apne

    sabke dilo main

    armaan yeh hai..

    C Am
    woh zindagi main, kal kyaa banegaa

    F G
    har ik nazar ka, sapnaa yeh hai..

    C Am F G
    koi engineer ka kaam karegaa..

    C Am F G
    business main koi apnaa naam karegaa..

    C Am
    magar yeh to, koi na jaane........

    papa .....
  3. aishu*7

    aishu*7 New Member

    thanks soo much

    thanks you so much. They are really good chords and I can play them properly which is a huge bonus! I love the song as well so that was good.
    Thanks again,
  4. sureshvarandani

    sureshvarandani New Member

    Thanks a Lot
    these chords r really good.

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