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Discussion in 'Computer Forum' started by bob-bobby, Aug 30, 2005.

  1. bob-bobby

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    I have been told that in America and Japan the technology is slightly more advanced than in britain !

    1. Your modem speeds, in the UK 1mbps is considered fast

    2. Your CPU speeds, in the UK the AMD Athlon X2 4800 is about the best on the market

    3.Amount of RAM on the average PC system, in the UK 1GB is considered a lot

    The usual reasons for differences apply:

    On a monetary scale, the UK is too expensive to produce technology, therefore it imports technology which is manufactured abroad. The US tends to try and have a better home product / import ratio and places like Japan produce the imports therefore they have access to the products right on their doorstep.

    Another difference is due to Language, Japan's Lexicon language can be processed faster than English, and American English processed faster than British English (for the abscence of a letter here and there). What difference that actually makes is down to how those letters and lexicons are processed by hardware.

    There is then the different Political moods towards technology and whether politics forces the trend in the use of new technology or sit back and let it happen at it's own speed. (Most governments won't want to part with money if they can help it, so they usually choose the later)

    no sources , just for discussion ! what do you guys feel , i am sure neo san would be bended more towards his eastern brothers :)
  2. ssslayer

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    bobby san ... i dunno ... but here in india ... we are more like western world ...
  3. bob-bobby

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    to correct you a bit...

    most of the western technologies are built by guys from east !!!
  4. ssslayer

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    yeah ... everything in harware is mad in China or Taiwan ...
    and everything in software is made in india or japan ...

    but what i meant is that we in india are at par with US ... we cannot catch up to the Jappus ... not in terms of hardware configs u mentioned ... :p:

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