America Terror Proofing Jets Planes

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    Missile-jamming lasers and “refuse to crash” software are ready to fly on civilian aircraft.

    Nearly five years after September 11, the airline industry is finally adopting new in-flight technologies to keep planes safe from terrorists. With $110 million in grant money from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the Federal Aviation Administration is currently in the process of certifying two antimissile systems designed for commercial airliners. The technology uses infrared sensors to detect and track incoming missiles, then fires a laser beam to jam a heat-seeking missile’s infrared guidance system.
  2. shak

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    good thing i dont pay my taxes ot uncle sam .. these friggin cowards love flying toys dont they?
  3. Yea with an added feature of not working against an american made missle no doubt.
    Check out how many civilian aircraft including helicopters have been knocked out of the sky by the good ol USA.

    The question is who or what is going to protect us from the No. 1 terrorist

    Let me remind everyone that it is against international law to bomb civillian areas.

    I agree with Shak they are friggin cowards.
    They bomb people into submission from the sky then have the ****zpah to call those who fight basck 'terrorist'
    On the ground they are just pussies they got thier arsses kicked by the vietcong and they will get it kicked again by the Iraqies.
  4. shak

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    kickin asses aside ... being pussies aside .. whether they are doing right or wrong aside ..
    tell me can they do anything properly?? hell they cant even fight a war properly .. fundamentals of fighting a war = intelligence + understanding + support from people + soldiers willing to fight + purpose ...... for usa intelligence= all wrong .. no osama, no w.m.d, no "iraq can deploy nuclear arms withing 45 minutes", under estimated iraqi special forces (they were crap anyway) had to take up the final resort of bombing the civil areas ..
    understanding: they dont know sh!t about iraq and afghanistan
    support from people: haha yes and pigs can fly
    soldiers willing to fight: yup and pigs can drive as well
    purpose: to bring democracy in a nation ruled by tyrants ... did i hear bush right? is that what he said? he is not doing anything about tht now is he?

    anyway going off-topic sorry neo .. sorry mods .. but i just ahd to say this ..
  5. Sussinctly put Shak
  6. alpha1

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    Yeah, but then their skeptism is quite justified aint it?

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