Amazing les paul Google Doodle

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  1. angu-s-lash

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    Hi guys

    Everyday we get to see the Google page and a little sense of smile will begin after we see the Google Doodle.. that too the olympics is on the go its still impressing, everyone gets to play...
    few days ago (months) google doodle created this aweeeessooommmmee <awesome more> doodle for the Les Paul's Birthday.
    yes its Les Paul Google doodle.. where you can play the notes and strum the chords too..

    so here is the link the play the google doodle's les paul guitar..
    there are lot of blogs out there you can search on <how to play>
    check it out guys..

    Les Paul's 96th Birthday
  2. tirtha2chester

    tirtha2chester New Member

    Old stuff....

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