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Discussion in 'Form a Band' started by ratul141, Mar 27, 2010.

  1. ratul141

    ratul141 New Member

    Hello there :D Is anyone interested in forming an alternative band in mumbai near Powai? This can be music that is alternative rock like Placebo,MGMT,Hollywood Undead,Kings of Leon, basically a fusion of this kind of music. A new face to alternative music in a place ruled by metalheads. Anybody interested? Reply. Girls or boys, anything'll do. I write lyrics and I need lead and bass guitarists, a drummer or/and a lead female vocal.
  2. flood

    flood New Member

    PM me your number. we might have something in common.
  3. hellismine89

    hellismine89 New Member

    hey hi buddy.....guitarist here from mulund.....hey i love alteranative....though i aint a complete let me know if u need ..heres a sample of my style.......
  4. newborn101

    newborn101 New Member

    wana form a punk / grunge band......

    Alternative is nice but i'd like to form a punk metal or grunge band....

    lemme knw if anyones interested

    i stay at powai too...been a guitarist for quite a long time..

    wud need a drummer, bassist, vocalist....
  5. kedarkamath

    kedarkamath New Member


    this message is for newborn101....dude id like to start a punk/grunge band too....i play leads/rhythm and take vocals...PM me if u wanna work sumthn out...
  6. kedarkamath

    kedarkamath New Member


    Btw i stay in powai is like 20mts frm my home...

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