Alone And Unravelled

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  1. such is life

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    some lyrics i wrote about inner demons

    Verse 1

    Woke up alone again
    To a cold and empty room
    Don’t know how I got here
    But outside only darkness looms

    Over time I've been consumed
    By the demons that reside
    In my mind and in my soul
    They whisper to me suic***

    There’s no where left to go
    No one cares to stop the show

    Why should you even be fighting?
    End of the tunnels
    Just oh so inviting
    And I know you’re full of fright
    But ill care for you
    You’ll be fine
    Just turn off the light
    And say goodnight

    Verse 2
    And time it warps my world
    So I can’t remember when
    I crossed that line between myself
    Of enemy and friend

    It creeps slowly through
    There’s no chance for your defense
    Undetected it destroys your mind
    Till it all starts making sense

    Through the rabbit hole you fall
    Buried deep you feel so small


    For every step I take I’m a million miles behind
    Stuck in this twisting loop
    Of pain and self denial

    Don’t know why I thought
    I ever stood a chance
    They wrapped me up in chains
    And they made me dance and chant

    What’s the point in trying?
    Everything I love is always dying
  2. monica_decosta

    monica_decosta Active Member

    one word .. Phenomenal

    This is a full song my friend ...just pull ur guitar and sing it its a song ... awesome

    i will read it aging ..Great effort!!
  3. horsesmouth

    horsesmouth Active Member

    That's great...really!
    Its modern, gloomy, and laced with perfect rhymes...

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