Allah ke bandhe

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  1. jazzy

    jazzy New Member

    hey could any give me the original chords for WBHH - Allah ke Bandhe.

    i found a previous entry for this song which is very gud but isnt exactly the original chords played for this song.

    Could anyone help me out? :confused:
  2. vedder

    vedder New Member

    Heyy...there are 4 chords basically...G, F, D....and then D#...between the paras...umm...lemme work this out perfectly...and i'll post it!

    If someone knows it inside out..plz post'll save me and jazzy the effort!!..:)
  3. lord_neo

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  4. jazzy

    jazzy New Member

    I Know!!

    I guess you havent gone through my request properly. I'm well aware of it ans have mentioned about it. But I require the original one. And this site is pretty gud keep up the good work

    Vedder please continue with ur work... Thanks!
  5. vedder

    vedder New Member

    Heyy...this is tough work...i always kept playing G, D for the paras starting every para with F...and never tried to be too accurate..:)

    Anyways...i'll give you the part between paras:

    after the opening para (just before "khoke apne par hi to...")
    G[4]*- D#[2] - F[2] (make sure you get the strumming right)

    after this para here's the sequence: (just before "tukde tukde"...)
    G[4] - D#[2]- G[2] - Bm[4] - Em[4] - C[2] - D[2] -G[4]

    *The numbers in [] indicate the duration for the chord...[4] means 4 counts and so'll get that by listening to the song...but again..make sure you get the strumming right!..:)

    Also...use only barre chords...even C, Em and D# (on the 5th fret)...if D# is a problem...use doesnt sound bad!

    Cheers!...and someone please come with the paras!!...:)
  6. jazzy

    jazzy New Member


    Wow! Thats a great work! :rock: You are very good at this. I'm impressed. The interludes are 100% accurate. I checked it. :)

    Now for the paras, if no one can help, I'll have to figure it out myself. :think:
  7. Ravi @ GO925FM

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