"Allah" - A Forgotten Message - Soz's Debut Song

Discussion in 'Music Talk' started by Adi_SoZ, Apr 3, 2008.

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    Hi All,

    I'm Adi from the band "SoZ". We recently posted a demo [Rough] Mix of our debut song on the forums a couple of months ago and now would like to let everyone know that the FULL Version of the song is FINALLY avalaible. For those who don't know of us [which might be a majority] we're a Canadian based Pakistani Band and been around in the local underground scene for a year now. Finally, we just released our first single, Allah, which you can hear/download through:

    Myspace (Online Streaming & Download):

    Direct Download Links:
    1. http://www.justupit.com/download.php?id=57...62fe982c8c475ea
    2. http://www5.sendthisfile.com/d.jsp?t=bwRVn...pVBvOS4PrOqhgVZ
    3. http://download.yousendit.com/681166435B87C1A7

    We would appreciate it if you can take out some time and listen to our work and give us your feedback, both positive or negetive, to help us improve and better ourselves. This song consists of 2 parts, Part 1 (a mellow acoustic sounding track) and Part 2 (a heavy rock natured track). Hope you all enjoy the track. I'll be looking forward to your comments and feedback.

    Lead Guitars
    SoZ the band
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    Listened both parts man. This is just an excellent peace of music, you guys are doing a very, very good work, my well-meant compliments!!!!
    Honestly i like the first part more than the second part, just because i'm not a Rock fan!
    My suggestions, just like i said before, try reducing the fret noises, it would sound much better if was a little bit less. And then the Sur, especially in the beginning has to be improved guys and it just fluctuates in parts of both songs, improve it and you guys should be proud of a very, very good job!
    Overall this is one of the best creations i heard on this site!!!
    Good luck and take care guys!!!

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