all the scales of the guitar ?

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  1. bunny

    bunny New Member

    yaaaar can any one of you post all the scales of the guitar the scales of A ....C....B>..etc (all of them) u can post them like:
    C= C.. C#..D..F..G..C jaisay bhi hota hai

    and aslo on there thing .....can u guys also tell me the chords that match with each other like if i am stumming D chord then to which chord(s) i can shift or if i am playing E ka scale then to which other scale(s) i can shift too.

    this will relly help me a lot :beer:
  2. vini

    vini Repeat Offender

    firstly wrong forum.. the thread will be moved to beginners Q n A Forum

    secondly.. u can check out the threads started about scales here at igt in ^ forum...or u can try out sites like and for tutorials

  3. ssslayer

    ssslayer Banned

    hey bunny ... hehehe (nice name)

    there is no point in all scales of guitar ... coz there is only one big scale ... known as chromatic ... which has 12 notes ... yes all the notes between octaves ...

    but speaking of traditional approach ... music is usually minor scales or major scaled ... leariin those scales on the fret will make u go places ...

    first of all major scale ... i'll take example of C major (coz it is easier to type) ...
    B.T.W. i hope u know all the notes on the guitar ... like if u wanna play A note .. then u can play on 5th string open, or 6th string - 5th fret ... etc ...

    so C major scale ... = C D E F G A B ...
    chords in C major scale = Cmaj Dmin Emin Fmaj Gmaj Amin Bdim

    so technically speaking u can make a switch from any of these chords to another (in the same scale) ...

    this C major scale can be transposed to any other root also like G = G A B C D E Fb

    there was one thread by Amit82cse which deals with all this in detail ... right now am feeling too sleepy (too many squats and crunches today) ...

    and Happy Independence Day !!! ...
  4. vini

    vini Repeat Offender

    hey ssslayer.. can u post the link in which all this info is given in further detail..need info about chords in other scales too :)

    thanx in adv

  5. ssslayer

    ssslayer Banned

    :mad: ... waht da ya think ...

    i just typed all that ...
    how can i give a link ??? ...

    anyway ... u can always play the chord in diff scales ... by combining notes ... i never give name to them ... so cannot post 'em here ... ;P
  6. bunny

    bunny New Member

    hey ssslayer.....first of all bunny isnt ma name my name is sohiab and i am from pakistan....secondly i am not a newbie :mad: i know all of the fret board by heart...i am playing this instrument from the past 3 years...i used to play other song but know i want to make my own song (made two already) wht i am saying is that now i am in the real guitar playing so i need all ALL the scales and the chords that match each other (the second thing i asked) so if u can sit on the net for abt an hour and help me out (advice:do this befor doing yr squants and crunches) :D
    bunny (sohaib)
  7. ssslayer

    ssslayer Banned

    ahh dude ... today too many bench-presses and pull-ups ... am dead tired ... :grin:

    yaar as i said earlier ... no one is stoping u from making countless number of scales ... no one can complain ... u have 12 notes to u ... taht makes 12! scales ... which is a very very big number ...

    b.t.w. here are some of the un-commonly used scales ...

    but i stick to my guns ... and Mr Marty Friedman also says the same thing ... make up your own scale ... the onli thing that matters is that it should sound good ... the way u want it to sound ...
  8. vini

    vini Repeat Offender

    atlast sum1 is tired.. wish u could remain tired for the rest of ur would save me so much of teeth gnashing..heehe.. JK!

    pretty gud links there!! :)

  9. real_illusions

    real_illusions Clapton Is GOD

    @ssslayer - 12! scales is a wrong number cos the order of the notes is not important. so try to use a combination instead of permutation.
    by my calculations, since we can have scales of anywhere from one note to 12, the total number of scales should be

    but since ncr-nc(n-r)

    total no of scales=2x(12c1+12c2+12c3+12c4+12c5+12c6)
  10. ssslayer

    ssslayer Banned

    haha ...

    array yaar ...
    Permutations and Combinations (along with Probability) has not been one of my math strengths ...
    infact i remember chucking that whole topic for JEE ;)

    so i just threw some mumbo-jumbo ... good u caught me ... :eek:: yeah its true ... 12! cant be coz it also takes into account the order of the notes ... so yes combinatorics have to be used ...

    so the final expression that u have given seems to be correct ...
    anyway i was dead tired ... so u know i have an excuse ... :grin: ...
  11. bunny

    bunny New Member

    yaaar ssslayer u r still not understanding wht i am asking...i know that one scale can be played in thousand ways but wht i am asking is the basic scale like once i knew the scales of c and e minor ......they were like (as far as i remember) C:c...e...f..g...d....c..
    something like yr perivious post u gave me an example of C major : so C major scale ... = C D E F G A B ...
    chords in C major scale = Cmaj Dmin Emin Fmaj Gmaj Amin Bdim
    wht i want is all the scale like this ....first the scale and then the chords that go along with it......
    i think there are 12 scales in total(inculding all the minor and majors) but a milloin ways to play those....
    if u r too tired to do this (like always )then post a link in which i can get all the scales and the chords that go along with it
  12. Intrinsic

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  13. ssslayer

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