All Of Me

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  1. Rey1970

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    I may not tell you,
    But I wait,
    For you to tell me.
    I may not,
    Reach out to you,
    But don't hesitate,
    To reach out to me.
    I might not sell a thought,
    To reveal how it stands,
    But I'm willing to buy,
    If you're,
    Willing to understand.
    I may not touch you,
    But don't let it stop you
    To tell,
    To sell,
    To watch,
    To touch,
    All of me.

    copyright 2oo4 Dianne khan.
  2. Subhro

    Subhro Argentina lost :"(

    nice nice :)
  3. rocking_devil

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    good .nice rhyme too.
  4. Rey1970

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    Thanks u guys.
  5. Bristy

    Bristy ...

    Nice one....
  6. Rey1970

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    Thanks Bristy !!!!!

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