all my lovin strummin pattern - pleez suggest 1 ..

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    Em A7
    Close your e yes and I'll kiss you
    D Bm
    Tom orrow I'll mi ss you
    G Em C A7
    Reme mber I'll al ways be t rue
    Em A7
    And then whi le I'm awa y
    D Bm
    I'll write h ome every d ay
    G A7 D
    And I'll se nd all my lo ving to yo u

    I'll pretend that I'm kissing
    the lips I am missing
    And hope that my dreams will come true
    And then while I'm away
    I'll write home every day

    And I'll send all my loving to you

    Bm Bb+ D
    All my lov ing I will send to yo u
    Bm Bb+ D
    All my lov ing, d arling I'll be t rue


    Bm D
    All my lo ving, all my l oving ...

    can someone please suggest a good strumming pattern that suits the song ?

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