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    OK, so I'm not purely left handed and write with right hand but play guitar with left hand. BUT that does not stop the fact from existing that left handed players of guitar and bass suffer very much due to the fact that we left handed players never find guitars in the market to play.

    Many of us start of with symmetric bodied acoustic guitars and then get stuck as to what to do later when we shift to a bass guitar or an electric guitar. Even our symmetric bodied guitars feel bottlenecked since they are not cutaways - the inner frets are not easy to play and we can't do some of the classic high solos.

    Socially we sometimes feel alienated because when we go to a party somebody hands us a guitar and asks us to show our skills while we are embarrassed since they have a right handed guitar. And when jamming with friends we can't swap instruments with friends since us left handed guitarists are one in a twenty.

    Choice of guitar is obviously the biggest issue since we have little to choose from and companies act with an attitude like "atleast we have lefty guitars for rare guys like you so be happy with that". We must often rely on expensive over 15,000 INR guitars because cheap sub-7k starter electrics almost don't exist in our world.

    So whether you are a guy who wants help getting a guitar since he is a lefty, or if you are a right handed guy who takes pity on lefties or if you just want to talk about your grievances, do it in this thread.

    PS: Can a mod please make this a sticky ? Its a thread for a social cause here. :help:

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