All James Bond fans check that how much you know about him

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  1. Grahan

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    Here are 007 question -

    1 - In which bond movie bond is saved by the villian : name the movie and
    also give the name of villian
    2 - In which bond movie 3 blind africans kill a man in the opening sceen
    of the movie.
    3 - Name the car that is used in the first ever bond movie.
    4 - Name the villian who appear's in more then one bond movie.
    5 - In which movie first time gadget Voice box is used.
    6 - Citroen 2CV ( the non gadget car ) car is used in which bond movie.
    7 - Columbo and BIBI are character of which bond movie.

    And yes I want to start a ANTAKSHARI type quiz .
    The winner will get 10,000 points .
    I want to know your veiws are you interested .
    Please reply ..............
  2. nazr

    nazr angel is my genital..

    James bond is passe. Jason bourne rules.

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