Alice in Wonderland

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    Song lyrics inspired by Alice in Wonderland

    When I was a little girl
    I dreamt of being Alice
    Living in a wonderland
    Queen of my own palace

    But now the time has changed
    And I finally understand
    There was never any wonder
    That land was for the damned

    The older that I grew
    The more I knew for sure
    Those cakes never taste so sweet
    As when they're laced with treats
    And that little purple cat
    who smiled so fast at me
    Had a tongue like a snake for sure
    And eyes that followed like a rake for more

    Verse 2
    And like poor little Alice
    I fell down that rabbit hole
    Where everything was beautiful
    Or so I was told

    Everyone was lovely
    Until I looked into their eyes
    And saw what words could not disguise
    They were all so dead inside


    Verse 3
    They looked right through me
    Right down to my soul
    I felt so terrified
    I could only do as I was told

    They scoured every inch of me
    From my head to my toes
    My skin got up and crawled away
    All they left were the bones

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    Perhaps Alice in Wonderland refers to a Brothel.

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