Ali Zafar's "Mere Hathon main"

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    Well i seen that Ali zafar & Atif,s album cleaned sweeped every artist(or almost). But i have seen just a couple song chords of both guys. Everyone was tabing Doorie & masti but i think others song are much more then the titels. For example Atif,s Kuch is terha is the best song of the album i think & Ali zafar,s mere hathon main tera hath hoi is the best. No one have submitted chords which actully sound good with these songs & i think no one has posted "Mere hathon main by Ali zafar at all. So im doing it. & let me tell you that basiclly im a singer & i just play guitar to help me out while singing. & i have coverd these songs on diffrent occassions & they sound real real good & have the orignal scale. So here goes

    1st Mere hathon main by Ali Zafar (real good to play in a peaceful enviroment & when you are tired of strumming)

    ok this is just suppose to be picked NO STRUMMING

    F ----------------C Pick these chords twice

    F C
    Mere hathon main tera hath ho
    F C
    Teri baaton main meri baat ho
    C Am F
    hum yonhi chalte chalte kho jain

    Then pick these chords all overthe song. its all the same


    Now 2ndly Kuch is terha by Atif
    I know you must have seen lots of chords & riffs for this but let me tell you that all chords in this song are suspended & hard to play for everone.So............ I got a solution
    Simple whenever you hear a atif song Try c#m, B, A & C#m. Yes yes these are also the chords for Aadat & bheegi yadein. So do it like this
    kuch is terha
    teri palken
    A B
    meri palkon se mila de

    then every thing is the same yes all song is same. But if you want best results sing the song as its orignal speed then Mazza aye ga.

    & for all you new people if you have trouble playing the chords suppose yoiu do'nt know how to pla "E7" then do to my friends site "". just type the chord name and you got it.
    I know i talk a lot but if yoiu like the chords & site just give me a small replay. Thank you & keep playing.
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    chup beth saale ali zafar and atif biggest loosers on earth
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    oye Ludhiana ke luder tume lun ka pata hai. ek to Pro tabber bane phirte ho agar Atif & Ali Loser hain to tum kya ho. Jalo beta un se. Or itna bure hain Pakistani singers to Paki guitar tabs wali side main kya lun dhoond rahe ho.

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