Ali Zafar - Teri Yaad Aee Guitar Tab

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    Song - Teri Yaad Aee
    Artist - Ali Zafar
    Album - Huqa Pani
    Tabbed By : Wakkas Khan (

    *This Tab is completely my own work*
    Any questions, be glad to help... suggestions, always looking for improvements =P

    Tuning: Standard (EADGBe)

    s - Slide

    e--7---------------| listen to the song for timing and rhythm
    B----8-------------| It's pretty simple keeps playing THAT over n over
    G------9-----------| while he sings aswell (untill 0:19 =P)
    A----------7-------| (I make it sounds confusing but you'll get what I'm talking
    E------------------| once u listen to the song)


    1 2 3 Repeat 1,2 then play 3 as:
    e----------------|-----------------|------------------| ------------------|
    B----------------|-----------------|------------------| ------------------|
    G----------------|-----------------|------------------| -----------------7|
    D--12s14-12-10-9-|-10s12-10-9-7----|-7s10-9-7-5-7s9---| -7s10-9-7--9-7-5--|
    A----------------|-----------------|------------------| ------------------|
    E----------------|-----------------|------------------| ------------------|

    so far thats all i have....working on the rest :think:

    < copy the tab to notepad if u think something looks weird...the lines and tabs match up prefectly there :) ...bcuz i think it does look a lil weird...i can't seem to be able to fix it..(newbie:eek: ) >
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    thanx m8 and welcome:beer:
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    ya welcome m8,
    just keep the good work comin up.:beer:
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    Plz tab it completely :) plzzzzzzzzz
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    Plz telll me the chords of this song
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    HI plz anyone complete this song !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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