Ajnabi sher hai

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  1. anish_sharma

    anish_sharma New Member

    Hello to all the guitarist on this website. It's been 4 months now since I've been learning guitar. But till now I'm not able to strum any other song besides the one taught by my teacher.

    I need help from the members of this website. I know that you all are very advanced.

    I want to learn this song badly

    " Ajnabi sher hai" from "janeman"

    I tried to search on this website I didn't get any result.

    Please help
    anish sharma
  2. Nanda

    Nanda Bassist

    Ask ur teacher to teach u ... simple .. :) else google out ...
  3. anish_sharma

    anish_sharma New Member

    Thanks for the advise bt he doesn't tell me the same since he wants me to concentrate only on one song at a time, which actually is not easy.
  4. anish_sharma

    anish_sharma New Member

    I think nobody have those.

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