Aiterbar by Junaid Jamshed (Unplugged version) inclusive of Intro

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    Best played on Acoustic Guitars.

    Tabbed by: Adnan Shakil

    Chords E, A

    Put your index finger on the ninth fret and on the last three strings. Use your tiny finger on the 12th fret.


    Chords: E(022100), A(002220), B(224442), G#m(466444), C#m(446654), F#m(244222), D(x00232)

    E A
    aitebar bhi aa hi jaye gaa

    G#m F#m G#m
    milo tau sahi rasta koi mil jaye ga

    A B
    chalo to sahee chalo to sahee

    E A E
    aitebar bhi aa hi jaye gaa aa hee jaye gaa


    E D E A
    dhoop mein khara chal raha hoon mein

    E A C#m G#m
    saya do mujhe yeh mera junoon yeh meri jalan hai meri saza

    F#m G#m A B
    meri yeh thakan keh rahi hai kia suno tau sahi suno tau sahi

    Common Guys rate it! This is my first tabs posting anywhere on the web.. I hope you like them!

    Suggestions and corrections are welcome..
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  3. DesiPride143

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    but good try though
  4. adnanshakil

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    I tried to search but couldn't find it. Can you please post the exact page address.. Thanks.. !
  5. rizaaj

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    nice ones anyways.. but i feel i have played them b4...

    anyways thanks
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  7. rizaaj

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    ya mee to with ya shahrukh... no copy pasting done....
  8. DesiPride143

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    hmmm....yea similar but not apologies dude...and nice work....
  9. adnanshakil

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    Thanks guys.. and DPride.. no hard feelings mate.. we are all here to learn and improve ourselves.. I am new on the web posting stuff.. I didn't copy and paste.. well they are similar.. I saw the posting.. Mine are similar.. but thats what we used to play on stage.. Anyways, Thanx for the appreciation..
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    Might as well post something else.. I saw the chords of Tere Liye by JJ.. I think they are cool.. I am not gonna post them again.. but you can find them in this forum.. please try it and tell me..

    G C F
    Tere Liye hai mera dil
    Meri jaan

    I think that F chord has such a nice feel at that place.. Please try it..

    The main thing that I wanted to post is the interlude that is played several times in the song.. I hope you guys like them..


    Play them and tell me how they are.. !

    Hope for the best but always be prepared for the worst
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    yeah...these vital signs songs are ever green...i played the song and it brought all those memories....lovely job those lads did back in 80's... but i have always played the fill like this:

    (5) = keep these notes in brackets short and crisp (keep for half beat)
    / = slide down the neck
    \ = slide up the neck (towards nut)


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    good work dude i like that
  13. adnanshakil

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    Thanx Papi Chulo.. Thanx for the appreciation guys..
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    gud work done
  15. please tell where can i download Unpluged version of aitebar
  16. guys pls give me da link for da song or if someone has da song pls put it up on da web
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