Air pollution comes from trees

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    "Air pollution comes from trees," Ronald Reagan declared more than 20 years ago, soon after the start of his presidency. The remark earned him widespread derision as proof of his ignorance of environmental issues. Even his first press secretary, James Brady, teased him about it. Once when Air Force One was flying over a forest he grabbed the President by the elbow and, pointing down out of the window, said in alarm: "Look, Mr President: killer trees!"

    But now new scientific research is showing that the former Hollywood B-movie star was at least partially right all along. For studies in both Britain and the United States have shown that some trees do indeed emit pollution and may even be killing forests downwind.
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    well there's something called the "million monkey principle" - that says that if a million monkets were each to play with a different type writer, then one of them would write a sonnet by accident.

    so not a big surprise that one of the million odd assinine comments made by this particular red neck did have a bit (only a bit) ot truth in it - like getting one line of the sonnet lol.


    newspaper report:

    last night president reagan's personal library got burnt down.

    both the books were damaged.

    he hadn't finished colouring in one of them.
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    Is this right? :think: ...I don't know...
    looks like a scam to me..:)...
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    Article makes some sense (if this is correct..) but nature makes its own equilibrium.
    Does this mean, trees should be swept away n u only hv barren lands?

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