Aik Din Ayega

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  1. Werdah

    Werdah New Member

    JAL's new song Aik din ayega's chords. This song is just amazing..i didn't make the chords for these...but a friend of mine all the credit goes to him. U can't find them n e where here they are. He didn't know the name of some chords and neither do i so we'll just call them..Unknown 1(U1) etc.

    Teri aankhen...Kab hongi na kabhi num
    Tu jo dekhlay... Tau bhuladoon mein sarey ghum
    Tu jo Chahey tau...Badlay ga Mausaaaaam

    Aye Dil to rona nahi
    Khwab adhoray nahi
    Hain armaan saray teray
    Hongay puray kabhi
    Aik din ayega
    Tu youn gayega

    It's pretty much the same throught out. Let me know how they sound to u or if u guyz have a different version. Hope u guyz liked them. Once again..all the credit goes to my Guitar guru. :rockon:
  2. zain

    zain New Member

    hey lemme try them
  3. badullah

    badullah Dark Inside

    i think it sounds pretty ok but kuchhhhhhhhh thori si kami hai :$ i am not saying that these r not nice .... they are pretty good. Hats of to Werdah :cool:
  4. DaNy

    DaNy New Member

    hey can any 1 help me with its strumming
  5. Werdah

    Werdah New Member

    Thanks guyz...and Danny..the strumming..since this is the unplugged version...u just strum each string in whatever pattern u like upto the part aye dil tu rona nahin...then just strum chords in the rhythem u think it suits best. Thanks again..oh this part is also used throughout the song

    --------X----X---------------X------...something like that
  6. salman128

    salman128 New Member

    WErdah - your dumass friend needs to learn his chord names first :) That is after he can manage to not break his guitar strings.. Btw .. its not Em, its E...
  7. salman128

    salman128 New Member

  8. hesham

    hesham New Member

    tell u sone thing the chord which u r saying is em is not em its emajor
  9. scorpionhai

    scorpionhai New Member

    hizz yaar any one can post the rhythem pattern for the beginners. plzz
    with elobaration
  10. hani_jafri

    hani_jafri New Member

    Hey Gr8 work!!!
    u guyz really did Good Job.!!
  11. ImR@|\|

    ImR@|\| GuiTar MaNiaC

    AchA hay.... Guzara ho jae ga... but needZ correction
  12. adnanshakil

    adnanshakil New Member

    Can anyone pm me and tell me where I can find the unplugged version of this song!

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