'Aicha' tabs/chords

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    Aicha [i listen to the acapella by pennmasala; but also done by outlandish; originally done by cheb khaled [french]

    So sweet... so beautiful

    Bm G D A

    Every day like a queen on her throne...

    Bm G D A

    don't nobody know how she feels

    Bm G D A

    Aicha, lady, one day it'll be real... and so on and so on and so on...

    Bm G D A ..........................

    chord fingerings

    Bm - [x24432] (barre chord !!; but if it's tough just don't play the top note on the A string though it will destroy the sound cause you lose the

    G - [320033]

    D - [xx0232]

    A - [x02220]

    holla, have fun, [simple as hell song, but really sweet melody [in my opinion]

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    got the lead tabs???good tune!!!thanx!

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