Ai ki Beshi Na, Yatri Chords

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  1. shourov

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    .. Man this song is osssum.. has alot of sense in the lyrics and the best of all is the beat..

    I tried to chord it, lemme knw if its rite

    C G C Am
    Tumi chao rodur, ami chai akash meghla

    Khojo Purnima. Bolli chad dube jak na

    C G Am G
    ****e cholo eka dure, amar iche kore na

    Dujonai dujonake chai tobuo nigeder ajj kau chai na...

    C G C Am
    mele na, ajj kichu mele na,

    C G C Am
    bhalobasha bachte chawa chara..

    ai dutoi mile jai boshe eka bhabi tai

    C G C Am
    ai ki beshi na, ai ki beshi na

    Comments, corrections... whatever it is.

    Most welcum.
  2. love_guitar

    love_guitar New Member

    The song starts from C#. I'll check the progression and post back. I think the song may have F# (in your case F) at some places, not sure though. May be the pros will say something?
  3. love_guitar

    love_guitar New Member

    I think I have figured out the chords

    I'll try to post over the weekend. It starts with C# and F# is there in the song.

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